The talk of Kings

in 1 Samuel 16:18, one of Saul’s servants knew about David! The servant knew that David was a talented harp player; the servant knew that he was a brave warrior, he knew that David was a man of war, he knew that David has good judgment, he knew that he was fine-looking AND the servant knew that the Lord was with him.


How in the world does a random servant of the King know all this about a young boy (man of war?) who is living way out in a field tending to sheep everyday?

This is a beautiful picture of what is happening in the heavenlies while we are being faithful in the unseen places of our development. The entire time that David is obscure from people, Heaven is celebrating what is being grafted and grown. And what we learn from this is that if your consistency and integrity are in tact, then you don’t have to talk about yourself, you will become the talk of kings! That God will make sure your promotion comes, even if he has to send a “servant” to bend the ear of those who need to know about you.

Psalm 119:46 tells us that we can speak before kings! How does that happen? It happens by making sure your fire is kindled in the fields of “hidden” so that Kings come looking for you!!!

God will make it happen. It seems impossible for a random servant to know this much about a shepherd boy, but t’s also just as impossible for an un-named servant to gain an audience with the king! God is that good, He will put things into motion that just do not make sense… Stay the course. Enjoy the wilderness, the hidden places, but train for the throne!

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