The responsibility of unity

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Matthew 25:14-30 – Story of the talents

Parables seemed simple, yet when your mindset is Kingdom, they become deep. And then the discovery of that depth then looks like it was simple again… Crazy…

I discovered deep in this a greater truth.

First, the Master called the servants together, then he blessed them. The blessing was given within their coming together.. Community. They were ALL servants. And their unity caused them to all receive blessings.

Secondly, they were not in control of the amount of  “talents” (KJV) that they received. And then they did what many of us do…. They separated to try and make THEIR talent become successful on it’s own without help from another, and the reason we do this is because at the end, we want the credit for ourselves. And that’s easy to do for those who have a lot of talents!!! Gifts, funds, etc…

They received a good return for their investment (law of reciprocity), BUT, the greater the investment, the greater the possibility for compounded return.

Here’s where it got me bad… The weight of a “talent” was 75 lbs, which was equivalent to 1 bag of silver, and the NLT says that the first received 5 bags, the second received 2 bags and the last received 1 bag. Had they remained in Community and helped the one with lesser giftings, had they put their gifts together, they would have had 8 bags, and 8 represents new beginnings, new understandings.

But they didn’t, and fear of loss caused the last one to bury his. But had the others truly cared for him they would have helped. The first two were happy to get a “well done” for themselves, and they did do “well” for themselves, but they neglected the pure and undefiled religion.

And the Lord showed us that some may have the gift of prophecy, some may have the gift of healing, some may have many gifts, some may encourage, serve, teach, give, leadership, kindness.. (the last ones being Paul’s idea of gifts found in Romans 12:6-8, all which deal with our interaction with others.. That’s true giftings) and when we exercise those gifts, we receive a good return, but if we come together in community with our gifts with no selfish motives, preferring our brother over ourselves, then one prophesies, another heals, another gives, another encourages, and the beauty is that no one gets left behind.

This last man in the story was removed not by his own fault, but because the others neglected their responsibility of Unity!

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