The Life of Christ is a 12 week in depth study of Jesus' life and ministry from the perspective of being fully God, who is fully love! The video teachings from these classes can be found on our Youtube page found [HERE]

Click on the corresponding week for the student outline:


Week 1: Why Jesus Came

Week 2: The Baptism of Christ

Week 3: The Wilderness and calling of disciples

Week 4: Sermon on the mount - part 1

Week 5: Sermon on the mount - part 2

Week 6: Miracles - Part 1 (list of miracles)


Week 7: Miracles - Part 2

Week 8: Parables of Christ - Part 1 [LIST]

Week 9: Parables of Christ - Part 2

Week 10: Passion Week

Week 11: Resurrection and Commission

Week 12: Final test