The kingdom model for promotion

1 Samuel 18:5

This story is intriguing to me because of what we learn from the attitude displayed by David. Notice that whatever Saul asked David to do, he did it, and he did it successfully. We notice that David excelled as a servant! What a statement. It says that his advancement was “noticed by all”. David must have had a noticeable spirit of connection for ALL of the people to accept his rapid advance to a position of authority.

Vs. 8 – Notice that David has obviously not bragged about the anointing from Samuel. “Next they’ll be making him King.” Speaks to the fact that Saul did not know of the events that had happened at Jesse’s house. David maintains his obscurity and continues to serve. Knowing that Saul is sitting in his seat.

Vs. 10 – jealousy and anger “immediately” open the door for this tormenting spirit. It wasn’t until Saul became jealous of David’s anointing that this tormenting Spirit comes. Jealousy and anger can climb on you quickly and drive you mad. and you spend your days in mind battles while the person you’re jealous over hasn’t thought a second about it.

Vs. 11 – twice

Vs. 12 – fear sets in. Why? Because we always fear what we cannot control. Saul realizes he cannot stop what is happening, and insecure people need to be in control.

Vs. 13 – The enemy will give you success so as to distract you and get you off of your course and David could have focused on his position with Saul and lost focus of his position with God. But he didn’t. David served from his position with God, not for it. David served man because of his love and honor for God, not to win the favor of man.

Vs. 14-15 – Saul becomes more afraid of David because of David’s success due to his connection to and focus on God. Why do religious leaders get intimidated when someone else displays anointing and favor? Because they are watching someone walking in something they used to have! And that will drive you crazy because you either have to criticize them and find fault in them in order to justify your current position, or you have to admit that someone under you has something you don’t have.. and Pride will NEVER allow that to happen. This is why the Pharisees in Jesus’ day said He cast out demons by Satan’s power, because they were unwilling to admit that He could do something they couldn’t

Vs. 16 – love from the people came from David’s ability to successfully lead them through battles… Hello leaders….nothing else to say there.

Vs. 18-19 – Politicians never keep their promises! Prophets never have to make them! We have to be persons of integrity and do what we say we are

Vs. 24-27 – David does twice as much as what is asked of him. He is a man we should model our servant heart around, and watch God move heaven and earth in order to make us successful in His kingdom!


  1. Doug winters on July 8, 2016 at 12:38 pm

    This is what I have beven talking about with my grandkids. Thanks for sharing this.

  2. Karen on July 27, 2016 at 1:33 pm

    Wow, powerful!

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