The God who walks through fire

A common misconception that is continually fed by well-intentioned, yet unlearned people, is that God in his nature saves us from “things”. What God saves us from, is Sin and self. I see many people and actually many church signs saying things such as God save us from this governmental system, God save us from The evil that is in the world.

That is biblically against the nature of God to do so. For example when the three Hebrew children or thrown into the fire God did not save them from fire, he delivered them through the fire. And deliverance has the attributes of you walking through it not being pulled out of it. The same with Israel and the wandering years in the desert. God did not save them from Egypt he delivered them from Egypt which means he did not magically zap them out of Egypt they had to walk through the process. It has always been the nature of God to walk with you through the valley of the shadow of death not pull you out of the valley of the shadow of death, remember, “for thou art with me” ..
Even Jesus exemplified this nature in the Lords prayer, when he spoke the words “deliver us from evil”. To deliver something means not only to send it out,  but it is the process of getting something to its destination, as we do with mail.
What am I saying? I am saying that if our prayers were in accordance to the nature of God we would see an explosion of his grace to endure and bring the kingdom into our situations instead of crying about them and wishing we didn’t have to walk through them.army_God

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