Paul was writing to us, the Church…

I find in the church that when you look at the word of God, the word of God isn’t here to correct those who don’t have ears to hear. Jesus didn’t waste his time running after the rich young ruler. Jesus looked for those who were given to him. Jesus didn’t waste time trying to be relevant to man. Jesus did it the very opposite way. Jesus never allowed us to question His Father, and His Father’s Word. And every prophet in the Bible did the same…  real prophets never allow man to question God. They’ll even allow man to question them and they’ll even question themselves, but they’ll never question God.

I think we’ve gotten it backwards with our questioning; like we think we can question God, but not the suit wearing cheerleader in the pulpit. And many churches have established themselves on this, almost “doctrine”. And it doesn’t matter what denomination you’re a pat of. That we, the theologians, those that study God, can never be questioned, but that God can be questioned.

And so.becuase of that, we’ve become a judgment chamber to the world. And we actually read Paul’s writings as if Paul’s writings were for the world. Like when Paul was writing about homosexuals and how we shouldn’t be doing that, was he writing that to the world? Like, when Paul was writing about slothfulness, he was writing that for the world? Really? Was he writing that for your neighbor out there at the bar getting drunk?

In the church we love to sing about how “loved we all are”; and rightfully so, but man, the minute we start anything with correction, people call you wrong, or in sin, or say the “spirit is no longer moving there.” You can get up today and you can preach about how everybody IN THE WORLD is going to hell, and people chear you on, but you say something about the church maybe having a problem and people think you’ve lost the anointing…. ‘This must not be a prophet’.. or they say you’re critical of the church. You’re judgmental, you’re this, you’re that… This is the bottom line, listen, I am one with you. We are the body. And where I fall, I already know you fall, because that’s what the Word says.. Where I screw up, I already know you screw up…


Paul’s writings were to the church… not the world!!!!!


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  1. Michael Kay on November 16, 2016 at 11:41 pm

    Great stuff. Paul was writing about carnality ‘inside’ the church. We often pretend that those things don’t exist inside the body. But, because we constantly fight our own flesh, we find that we bring the very things we judge into the house. It is the Word that must cut that stuff away. Excellent

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