Nearness to the Flame – Prophetic Word

Prophetic word received April 4, 2017

Seek and you’ll find, so what have you found? If you’re a seeker, you’ve got a treasure chest full of the found thing. And what is the found thing? The found thing is called “the Father’s house”. To find it is to initiate possession at any cost. To buy the field. Have you bought the field? Many will say it’s foolish because their wisdom is not from above. But the treasure that you have found hidden is far more valuable to you than earthly wisdom. If this Kingdom Apostolic Mandate is going to catalyze and take form, someone has to stir the resin. I have given you the presence, and I have given you the fire. Someone must be willing to stir. Liken this mandate unto a paint. That when the stirring of the paint causes the binder and the solvents to catalyze, they literally are the vehicle that causes the liquid to become solid. The awakening of the vehicle changes realities. What once had no form, what once was liquid, now has form.. Now is solid. Just as the binder and the solvent cause the paint to catalyze and take shape, so does My gifts and fruit work together to catalyze your identity, gifts, calling, and shape. And all the things that were unstable in your life (liquid), now become stable.

If you’re a seeker, you’ve found this, and if you haven’t keep seeking. For sudden visitations of Holy Spirit will visit His temple, as promised in Malachi 3. You are His temple. You are His holy of Holies. His desire is to purify His Holy Place again so that His flame may once again burn continually shining light and hope to all who would dare come near to the flame. But nearness to a flame is only possible in a controlled environment. For movement can cause the flame to go out. And the first step of controlling an environment is to purify it.

Have you met the flame of nearness? If you have, the child birthed from that encounter is called goodness, for your nearness is our good. Have you been near to presence? The fruit of that presence is pure ecstasy, for in your presence is fullness of joy.

Have you met the flame of nearness? If you have, you are walking in a peace like you’ve never walked in before. Have you valued my flame enough to eliminate foreign winds from blowing it out? Have you gotten to the place in your devotional fascination with presence that your walking is done with greater caution, while your focus is not even on where you are going but the flame you are carrying in your hands? Have you discovered the euphoric state of being raptured by presence to the point where you’re satisfied to simply “Be still and know that I am God”?

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