Infidelity and Forgiveness in a generation of uncommitted

I am seeing a trend among the generation that is coming up that is very specious, and if we are not aware of the devices of the enemy, the moral fabric of covenant marriage can be irrecoverable if this trend continues to gain momentum. The danger of this trend is found in the fact that, on the surface, it seems honorable, and commendable, as a character trait of the parties involved. But there is a deeper seeded issue driving the “commendable act”.


What I am talking about is how easily this generation forgives infidelity. Now, before you crucify me, and call me religious, or hypocritical, understand I do believe in restoration, and forgiveness, and by no means do I think every marriage that has suffered infidelity should end in divorce. But I want you to see what I am seeing.


And what I see is that the root of the forgiveness being extended is not found in the pure Biblical sense of the word, but is more often to be found merely in the fact that, in this generation, sex just isn’t that big of a deal. It’s just not. Not to anyone, Christian, or non-Christian. It’s not a big deal. In a generation that has literally been raised on internet pornography, things like infidelity, pre-marital sex, fornication, and any of the like, seem to be classified into a category of just “stuff that happens” in this day and time. Pornography is “not a big deal” anymore as statistics show that girls are becoming just as addicted to watching it as guys are.


Have we so cheapened the covenant model of sexuality inside of marriage to the point where it’s “not a big deal” anymore when someone breaks that covenant? I realize that your answer would always be “no”, but the statistics, and the stories I’m hearing tell a resounding YES. Fidelity is a big deal to God, and to His people, or it should be. Yet, people are easily swayed into unhealthy relationships only to cause damage to their marriages, and then only to shrug it off like you forgot to take out the trash and now there are ants in the kitchen. It’s a big deal. And it needs to be a big deal again in the moral fabric of our nation.


I know people in this town who are Facebook prophets and are sleeping with women on the reg. And when I counsel them, it’s just “something they deal with.” It’s more than that. It’s soul ties, it’s destroying the image of God, and we need an awakening.


  • Donnie

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  1. Desiree Cummings on October 24, 2016 at 3:38 am

    Amen! On point with what I have been reading about love, marriage, and sex lately.

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