About Addereth

"Addereth" is a Hebrew word meaning: glory, cloak, mantle, prophet's garment. It is our heart to be fathers and mothers for a generation and place an anointing on them so that they don't have to start over, but rather they can take the momentum we have and continue the work. That our ceiling becomes their floor, that our finish line is their starting point. To be able to give them something that they can use and grow. The Kingdom Model. The Apostolic Awakening.


Addereth Christian Church was launched as a home church in May of 2010 in the home of Pastor Donnie Clark, along with his wife, Marie, and their three children. Together with about eight other people, our first gathering was held with a time of fellowship and kids swimming, followed by dinner, followed by a time of worship and word. We were driven to model the Book of Acts Church. Our main focus is Jesus Christ and His life changing power to bring awakening and purpose to a person, regardless of where they are! In the fall of 2010 Addereth was officially a church and we were having services several times a week and doing many ministry events.


We are a Christian Church expressed as an Ekklesiastical government, under five fold leadership as designed in Ephesians 4. Our primary focus is to introduce people to the matchless love of Christ, but we recognize it does not end there. That we have a mandate to equip. Our purpose in our community other kingdom minded persons to establish centers of help for homeless, hurting, abused, raped and dejected.  We want to facilitate appreciation for our community. We want to aid in the development of true five fold giftings in every church that will allow us to help.

Apostle Donnie & Pastor Marie Clark


Donnie: 706.992.2322

Marie: 706.957.5377

PD and MC

Michael & Shannon Kay

Pastoral assistant, staff teacher


Worship Team

Alex Hicks, Austin Clark, Hannah Clark, Tyler Smith, Sam Oshel

Railey pic

Railey Shirley

Children's Pastor

Chris and Savanna

Christopher & Savanna Ochs

Element Student Ministries Leaders


Kelcie Oshel



Sherre Harris

Administrative, Sound, Elder


Chris & Jenn Ochs

Singles & Administrative, 

Pastors - home group leaders


Jessica Bradley

Outreach & Evangelism


Kristy Weatherholtz

Single Ladies, video tech


Joe and Derek

Never Broken Recovery Support

Joe Nelson & Derek Blankenship


stephanie and tori

A Woman's Voice

Stephanie Holman & Tori Devillier